Large Power Station Pulverized Coal Boiler


მისი მახასიათებლებია;

• New energy-saving and environment-friendly pulverized coal angle tube:

The new energy-saving and environment-friendly pulverized coal angle tube boiler is the third generation of new energy-saving and environment-friendly industrial pulverized coal furnace jointly developed by Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai University of Technology. It has high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and coal type. Advantages such as strong applicability.

• ქვაბის მახასიათებლები:

a. The boiler has a small footprint, light overall weight and low capital investment;

b. High thermal efficiency and low operating cost;

c. Adopting a new high-efficiency low NOx burner (with patent for swirling pulverized coal burner) and a high temperature combined vortex burnout device;

d. the installation workload is small, the installation period is short;

e. wide range of load regulation and rapid response;

f. The boiler has a beautiful appearance and a good operating environment.


ქვაბის სიმძლავრე:
ორთქლის ღუმელი:10-65t / სთᲬყლის გამაცხელებელი:7-46 მგვტ
ქვაბის პარამეტრები:
წნევა:1.0-3.82MPaტემპერატურა:184-450 ° C
წნევა:1.0-1.6MPaტემპერატურა:95-150 ° C
ქვაბის საწვავი:AII, AIII bituminous coal